Home Restoration NYC
New York, NY 10027
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Having your home damaged by a fire or flood can be absolutely devastating. Most people don’t really know where
to turn to get things cleaned up and restored, which could result in trying to handle it yourself. While many things
you can undoubtedly do on your own, this is not something you should try. When a home isn’t cleaned and
restored correctly after a flood or fire it can result in a wide range of problems that you may have to deal with for
months to come. If you are in NYC or Manhattan, our team of restoration professionals is here to help you every
step of the way.
Home Restoration NYC is licensed and insured to perform any type of repair or restoration in your home. We are
also certified in mold identification and removal so if your home is at risk of mold after a flood or fire, we’ll take
steps to prevent it before it causes any trouble.
Working with a licensed and insured company is the best way to ensure you are getting the best possible service.
In addition to these designations, however, we are also a very well-established company. We’ve been serving the
people of New York for more than thirty years now. Over the years we have built up a strong reputation for quality
work, and quality customer service.
Your home is likely your biggest single investment, so it is important to treat it properly to ensure it not only
maintains its value, but also that it provides you with he comfort and safety you need. When your home is
damaged due to a fire or flood, our restoration team can come out and get everything repaired and back to the
way it should be. We serve people from throughout NYC and Manhattan with professional restoration options that
can help you through even the most devastating of events.
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