Rug Cleaning Company

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Rug Cleaning Company
New York, NY 10012
24 hours
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When you hire our team to clean your rugs, you can rest assured that the tech that arrives at your home
is trained and experienced. Our main mission is to get your rugs clean and our team will do it with a smile
on their face. Our techs are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection too.
Rug Cleaning Company is the answer to all of your rug problems. We are here to clean them, repair, and
restore them back to their original condition. We take cleaning your rugs to heart and use only the best
products, methods, and equipment to deliver the clean you want.
At Rug Cleaning Company, we know how important and delicate your fabrics are to you and you made an
investment that you want to keep. Unlike traditional carpets and upholstery on furniture, rugs need special
care and they can last many, many years when they are well cared for.
Our mission is to provide your rugs with the care and attention they need. Our rug specialists are trained
and certified to handle your treasured possession. We offer both pickup and delivery services to ensure
your rug never leaves our sight or is in hands that it should not be in.
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