Laser Surgery for Spider Veins

How Laser Surgery for Spider Veins helpful
Varicose veins and spider veins are the subject of many consultations; especially in
women whose quality of life and the aesthetics of their legs are affected. What treatments
and surgeries allow eliminating them? The varicose veins and spider veins are one of the
main reasons why many women hide their legs, and although it can coexist with them, it
is best to consult a specialist because of its progressive advance. Varicose veins have an
effect on the whole inhabitants, being rather more recurrent in women than in men. The
consultation of men is usually later, since the hairs on their legs tend to hide them for a
while. Laser Surgery For Spider Veins is good in case of Varicose Treatment.
What are varicose veins?
The varicose veins in the legs are a common circulatory disorder of malfunction of the
venous system, which is formed by the alteration and / or loss of elasticity of the ramparts
of the veins of the legs, which open or inflame irreversibly. The reason is that they stop
operational the valve in the veins, which straight the flow of blood, allow and serving to
flow from the extremity to the spirit. When these valves do not work correctly, the blood
does not usually travel to the spirit, accumulate in the veins of the legs and cause them to
This state has an inherited part, which means that the flaw in the wall of the veins is of
genetic origin. They facilitate their appearance pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, obesity,
and smoking, jobs that have to stand up, treatments with hormones, constipation,
thrombophlebitis, congenitally defective valves or the consumption of contraceptive pills.
Now the question is for Varicose Vein Which Doctor To See. Below you will get the
Symptoms of varicose veins
Exams and Diagnosis
Often, the diagnosis of varicose veins is simple, and is determined simply by the clinical
picture and the standing physical examination. In the case of spider veins, the same tests
should be performed to rule out the presence of non-visible varices that are ill or reflux. If
present is an attendance of reflux, action should be in progress by it first.
Previous to surgical procedure, the action is only indicative, meant at reducing discomfort
and avoiding some complications. The varicose veins are chronic and do not remit or
improve on their own, since the elastic fibers of the vein wall were overcome. Leg Vein
Surgery is good option for this
That is why, once present, there are no medications or remedies for varicose veins that
could lead to its reduction or elimination. These "remedies for varicose veins”, products
based on flavonoids or chestnuts from India, only diminish the symptoms. So, the best
treatment is Laser Surgery for Spider Veins.
"The varicose veins in the legs are 'fed' by a mother vein, called the internal saphenous
vein, which runs from the ankle to the groin, and perforating or communicating veins of
the same extremities. The latter are veins that run horizontally in the legs and that
normally carry blood from the skin to the veins that are inside the muscles.
The Laser Surgery for Spider Veins is to correct reflux in all sites of malfunction of the
venous system of the legs. At present, the most modern is the Venaseal, a device that
allows the injection of a kind of "glue" called cyanoacrylate, into the saphenous veins,
which produces a seal of all the reflux sites