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Ossining Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Ossining, NY 10562
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Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning, rug cleaning, rug repair & restoration, Ossining, NY.
We have the knowledge and tools to fix Traditional rugs in NY. We use both traditional and modern
methods to turn back the years on your treasured rug.
We can help you when your fine Traditional rug has been seriously harmed. We offer the highlyspecialized color restoration service in New York many “regular” rug cleaners don’t. We have the skills,
equipment and supplies to do the job right.
Not every cleaning company can repair a Traditional rug. We look for damage caused by use and wear,
exposure to sunlight, pet stains, or water from a potted plant. When we find it our highly-skilled rug
dyers go to work. Their color restoration service uses the best vegetable dyes available to bring back
your rug’s color and beauty.
Our services comes with a satisfaction guarantee, since we know we offer great service at a great price;
Working in our own warehouse, we are able to control the entire cleaning and repair process, starting
with a through inspection and ending with our free pick up and delivery services.