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Sheepskin is a relatively user-friendly material – a good shaking can go a long way to take care of loose
dirt and dust. Although frequent washing is not recommended, since it will strip the wool and backing of
protective oils, it will be necessary once in a while. However! Washing should be done by a professional;
this will help your rug avoid shrinkage and color bleeding – particularly in the case of dyed wool or
colored trims.
Our cleaning process (using organic products that do not affect the fibers of the rug) includes: stain and
spot removal – whether pet stains or other matter. This is followed by a gentle hand washing and heat
and light free drying, to keep the rug as close to its original size as much as possible.
With expert technicians to inspect any damage, whenever possible a funky sheepskin will be repaired to
look again like that rug that you brought home from the store. As the Sheepskin rug experts in NY we
invite you to entrust us with yours, to bring back its softness and clarity of color.