EUC.NYC Motor Scooter For Sale

Business Name:
EUC.NYC Motor Scooter For Sale
New York, NY 10065
motor scooter dealer bicycle shop.
8 a.m - 8 p.m
Cash, all cc, checks.
What could be more fun than riding an Electric Unicycle? We love it for its speed, agility, range, offroad
capabilities - the list goes on! We're absolutely positive that these EUC qualities will ensure your
enjoyment for years to come.
We've made it our mission to study and evaluate the best and newest EUCs available on the market, and
the choice is clear - GotWay and Kingsong brands offer the best riding machines at reasonable prices.
Can you do tricks on an EUC? Are you kidding me? Of course you can, and you will once you get a hang
of it. Riding on one foot, jumping over an obstacle, sitting down, riding backwards, your abilities and
imagination are the only limits!
Protective gear is highly recommended, especially for the first time users: helmet, wrist guards, knee
pads, shin guards, and thick clothes. Max Speed is controllable through the app, and there are multiple
safety features built-in, such as: speed warning beeps and pedal tilt-back.
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