Complete Care of Wisdom Teeth

Complete Care of Wisdom Teeth
Description: Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to remove one or more
wisdom teeth - the four permanent teeth of adults located at the back ends of the mouth,
both above and below.
Wisdom Teeth do not have enough room to grow (impacted wisdom teeth) and,
therefore, causes pain, infection or other dental problems; it is likely to be necessary to
remove it. The removal of wisdom teeth may be the responsibility of Wisdom Teeth
Extraction Houston.
Many people have impacted wisdom teeth-a tooth that does not have enough places in the
mouth to go out and develop normally. Impacted wisdom teeth may not come out or
come out partially.
The extraction of wisdom teeth
The extraction of wisdom teeth is a very frequent operation that can be done under local
or regional anesthesia. Today, there is very little indication of intervention under general
anesthesia, which would imply hospitalization.
Depending on the layout and the number of teeth to be extracted, the extraction can be
done once or twice. If the teeth to be extracted pose few problems, it is possible to
remove all at one time. But more generally, TX Wisdom Teeth Extraction proceeds in
two stages: one side, then the other. Patients experience less difficulty eating afterwards.
There are several extraction techniques. If its position is complicated, the tooth can be cut
and extracted in small pieces. This prevents patients from having hamster cheeks for five
days, because after a wisdom tooth extraction, edema is formed.
Day of surgery
To do
 Keep the compresses in your mouth for an hour or two with firm pressure and
change them every half hour as needed.
 Always keep your head up.
 Apply a cold compress on the cheek at regular intervals (20 minutes of cold every
 If you're bleeding, take a gauze or a lightly moistened tea bag and bite it for about
20 minutes.
 Blood flow and saliva staining are normal postoperative effects.
 Limit your physical efforts and rest
To avoid
Do not dislodge the blood clot formed as it promotes healing.
Do not eat anything until the bleeding stops.
Avoid drinking with a straw.
Avoid rinsing your mouth or spitting.
Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
Do not eat hard foods.
Avoid brushing your teeth near the extraction area for the first 72 hours.
 Only eat soft foods or lukewarm liquids on the day of extraction. Carry on your
natural diet as soon as you are able.
Prevention of future dental problems
The Wisdom Teeth Houston TX dentists do not agree about the utility of extracting
impacted wisdom teeth that do not cause problems (asymptomatic).
It is difficult to predict the future problems of impacted wisdom teeth. However, the
following are the foundations for preventive extraction:
 Asymptomatic wisdom teeth can cause diseases.
 If there is not enough space for the wheel to come out, it is very difficult to
approach it for proper cleaning.
 Serious complications with wisdom teeth are less frequent in young adults.
 Older adults may have difficulty with surgery and postoperative complications.