Prestige Barbers New York

Business name:
Prestige Barbers New York
New York, NY 10022
(212) 257-8222
Mon.- Fri.: 10:00am – 7.30pm - Sat.: 10am - 6pm - Sun.: 10am – 5:30pm
Payment Method:
cash, visa, master card
year opened:
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For over the past 18 years, Prestige Barber Shop New York has been New York City's premier location for
Men's haircuts and hair styling. Our top quality services and affordable prices make us the most
desirable place for men to get their hair cut in New York City. We have constantly maintained a great
reputation with our clients because we provide them with the highest quality of lavish services.
Our barbers are committed to not only providing each of our customers with the best haircut, styling
service, or shave, but also with the absolute highest levels of customer service. When you call us to set
up an appointment you’ll be greeted with a pleasant voice and professional service. When you walk in
the door for your appointment, we’ll be ready for you.
The only barber shop in New York City that gets you world class quality haircuts and hairstyling for
affordable New York City prices is Prestige Barbershop of midtown Manhattan. When it’s time for your
next haircut, make sure to check out the specials section on this page to check out our latest deals and
you can save some money on your next visit with us.