Casey Garage Doors
Professional Garage Doors Services, Door Repair &
Casey Garage Doors have been proudly Melbourne based
for over 10 years. During this time we have built a reputation
for designing and manufacturing superior quality garage
doors for melbourne’s modern homes.
Our Services
Garage Door Repair Services
Garage Door Installation Services
Garage Door Repair
If your garage door is damaged or out of order, one of
your friendly and experienced technicians can come
to you within 24 hours. We service all homes in
Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.
Garage Door Installation
Aluminium is the most durable garage door material.
It is the most resistant to rust, strong to provide
security and still light enough that it doesn’t strain
opening mechanisms. It can also be designed in the
style of timber without the clunkiness, durability
limitations, and security issues that come with timber
garage doors.
Types of Garage Door
Roller Doors
Sectional Doors
Remote Entry
Motorised Doors
Roller Garage Doors
Roller door includes an aluminium bottom rail and a
weather seal, to reduce draft and debris. Our roller
doors consist of a continuous curtain of fine quality
metal with webbing on each side designed to prevent
metal against metal scraping.
Stylish Sectional Doors
Large range of Colorbond sectional garage doors.
These are cost effective, visually appealing, and
functional. They are also highly durable and easy to
Remote Entry Garage Doors
Melbourne’s weather isn’t always pleasant. Our
remote control garage doors are designed to help you
transfer from the comfort of your car to the comfort of
your home without the discomfort and inconvenience
of opening a manual garage door.
Motorized Garage Doors
Our motorised garage doors come with built in
automatic controls, so you don’t need to carry your
keys with you and more people can have access
without needing extra key copies.
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Address:- Factory 3/417 Hammond Road Dandenong,
VIC 3175, Australia
Phone:- 1800-870-077