Detoxification & Hangover IV

Detoxification & Hangover IV
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Do you have a hard time focusing on important tasks or did you maybe have one too many drinks at the club? If so,
our detox therapy and IV nutrients are the perfect solution for you. Eliminate toxins from your body today!
Benefits of Detox Therapy & Hangover IV. Detox therapy and hangover IV drips offer you several benefits and is a
great way for you to deliver the vitamins and nutrients your body needs after it has been depleted.
Re-Energize Your Mind and Body. Your mind and body can become weak and tired over time, especially when you
are sick, or you have toxins built up in your system from alcohol or other irritants. Detoxification therapy can rid
your body of those toxins through IV fluid and vitamin administration which is delivered directly to your
bloodstream. You can add additional medication to the IV such as an anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, or antiheartburn medication.
Whether you knew it or not, your appearance can take a turn for the worse when you are depleted of vitamins,
fluids, and have symptoms from a hangover or the flu. Our detoxification IV therapy will help provide you with that
healthy glow and your appearance will not suffer. Almost immediately once you start the IV therapy, you will
notice your skin feels plump and supple.
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