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An accident can take place in the form of a slip and fall at work or a collision in your vehicle on the way
home from the store. Personal injuries can be as minor as a small cut or as serious as permanent
disability or death.
When you are involved in any type of accident, you want to secure the best personal injury
representation in NJ. The team at Prosmushkin&Tsirkin Trial Lawyers is ready to assist you in receiving
the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
Injuries from accidents can range from mild to serious and when you have been injured, the medical bills
start to stack up. We will help you hold the right parties liable and we can assist you in collecting
If your loved one died tragically and at the hands of a negligent person, then you may be entitled to
compensation to cover their medical and funeral expenses. We know how difficult this time can be and
we are here to provide you with aggressive representation. We will fight to hold each individual liable
who played a part in your loved one’s passing.