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Interventional Pain Management Clinic in NYC, Manhattan. We provide a full range of advanced pain
management services to help our patients.
Prolotherapy is a procedure where a natural irritant is injected into the soft tissue of an injured joint.
Supporters believe that it may provide significant relief for joint or back pain. The disruption to the lives
of those who experience joint and back pain can be serious. From missed work to decreased mobility,
the impact of back and joint pain can affect nearly every aspect of someone's life.
Doctors mainly use prolotherapy to treat injured joints and ligaments. While it is most commonly used
for the back, doctors may also use prolotherapy in the following areas of the body: knees, hips,
shoulders, other joints and ligaments.
In some cases, people with chronic conditions, such as degenerative disc disease or arthritis, may wish
to use prolotherapy to help ease their pain.
Before receiving prolotherapy, a doctor will assess a person with joint or back pain to work out if they
are a good candidate for the therapy. Not all people are suitable for the procedure. People with chronic
conditions, for example, may not see any effects from the prolotherapy so a doctor may suggest other