Cortlandt Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Cortlandt Rug & Carpet Cleaning
Cortlandt, NY 10567
24 hours
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When you look down at your rugs, what do you see? If you see spots or stains, then it may be time for
you to have them cleaned. The experts at Elite Rug Cleaning NY are here to help. We are one of the
leading providers of rug cleaning services locally and our team can leave you with a rug that is spotless
and odorless. We treat all of our clients like family and we can provide you with a free estimate for
service today.
Rugs cannot be cleaned the same way that carpets are and if a rug is handled improperly, it can be
destroyed. It is important that you only hire a licensed professional to clean your rug. Our team is fully
licensed and insured.
When we clean your rug, we use the best solutions for your rug’s fibers and colors. We also handwash
each one to ensure a thorough and gentle clean.
Your rug is not the cleanest place in your home and that is because your rug harbors bacteria, mold, dust
mites, and more. While you may glance at your rug and think it is clean enough, these contaminants are
hiding deep down, and they can lead to allergy flareups and health problems.
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