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ABC Rug & Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring
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Your rug can hide some of the scariest things within it to include allergens that cause flareups, bacteria that can
make you sick, and even dirt. When these things get trapped in the fibers, they can cause stains and odors to be
emitted from your rug. Yuck! With our professional rug cleaning services, you have nothing to worry about. ABC
Rug & Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring is your number one source for a clean and odorless rug in no time.
Each one of our experts is trained to properly handle your rug with care. We use only the best handwashing
process and solutions that are safe for your rug’s delicate fibers. The result of our handwashing process is a
beautiful rug that you can continue to cherish for many years. From start to finish, you have nothing to worry
about and our team will pick up and deliver your rug for FREE too.
We know it is important for you to have a clean rug, carpet, and curtains in your home. Because of that, we offer
you some of the best cleaning, repair, and restoration services. Receiving a regular carpet or rug cleaning by one of
our professionals can ensure that your rug remains in its best condition and lasts for many generations. Our team
offers you the most affordable rug and carpet cleaning services for a clean you can see and smell.
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