How to Prepare for Packing Up Your Whole House

How to Prepare for Packing Up Your Whole House
Moving to a new home is a happy occasion for a family. However, the process of moving isn’t such a happy
affair. It is both stressful and draining on the body. The good news is that proper planning can go a long way in
ensuring that the move is completed in a smooth manner. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the move
is packing. Having to pack up the possessions that you have been hoarding in your home for years is a daunting
prospect. You can simplify it by formulating a strategy and getting yourself properly prepared for taking on this
Sort Out the Items
Before you start packing, you need to first sort out your entire possessions into two large piles. In one pile, you
should keep all the items that are to be moved to the new home. Those items that are to be discarded should go
into the second pile. You can make use of the KonMari method when deciding which items to keep in pile one
and which to be assigned to pile two. This sorting will help minimize the packing load and make sure that you
only have to pack the essential items and not the junk.
Decide on a Packing Scheme
There are a number of different packing schemes that you can use for packing up your belongings. You can
choose to pack the items either by category or on a room-by-room basis. When packing by category, you would
need to put similar items together. For instance, all the glassware or toiletries will have a box of their own.
However, when packing on a room-by-room basis, each room’s items will have to be kept in separate boxes
with the label of the room on top. It is important that you decide which packing scheme you would be using
before hitting the ground running.
Get the Necessary Supplies
You cannot start packing up your belongings if you don’t have the necessary packing supplies available. So, it
is a good idea to create a checklist of the packing materials you would need to get started on. You need boxes to
pack all your stuff. Wrapping paper or bubble wrap is a must-have item as well for packing delicate or fragile
items. You would also need to have lots and lots of tape to secure the boxes.
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