Difference between Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Difference between Contemporary and Modern
Most of us refer the word modern to be used for the current period whether it is for
the design of the furniture or any other aspect of our conversation. However, it is
not the case rather this is one of the misconceptions that have to be managed in
order to get a clearer understanding of the issues and opportunities at hand.
The word modern with respect to art and design refers to the early to mid-twentieth
century. Scandinavian and German were the initiators of this design and that
focused on the specific type of design that was prevalent in the particular area. As
opposed to this, contemporary design refers to the constantly changing and
evolving nature of design, which in its current form is seen in the present era. So,
modern design dates back to the twentieth century whereas each design is
contemporary when it comes to a particular time period.
In each of the styles of furniture, both modern and contemporary furniture can
exist. In the French furniture, the design of twentieth-century etc. would be
referred to modern furniture whereas contemporary furniture will be according to
the current period’s design. Each individual can have different preferences
depending on their likeliness.
However, the designs of the beds are more likely to be preferred in Modern
furniture. This is because the modern furniture was carved and presented a
sophisticated look as compared to the
contemporary design where simplicity is
given higher preference. Similarly, antique
furniture or wooden rustic furniture is also
mainly used in modern design. But the current
design of the furniture also uses the rustic or
antique touch to give a different look to the
Art Nouveau Furniture is particularly known
for the modern design because it was created
in the late nineteenth century to the initial
years of the twentieth century. This reflects the same time as the Modern design as
highlighted above. Similarly, the original Venetian Furniture and its design
represent the modern furniture too. The current designs and styles of the furniture,
however, are not modern but contemporary because it involves many changes in
the original design and style. These new changes in the furniture make the design
Modern furniture might look old but the design of that era in the current period is
charged higher. So, contemporary furniture can be known as affordable furniture
especially in comparison to modern furniture. Even the best wood furniture can be
the reason for the high cost of modern furniture. If the contemporary furniture is
made of high quality would too, then despite it being simple it would be higher
priced too.
The crux of this discussion is that modern and contemporary furniture are totally
different. Whether it is in design, style or price, the decision of buying a particular
set of furniture is dependent on the chosen priorities in this regard.