Propety Damage Restoration Long Island

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Propety Damage Restoration Long Island
29 Barstow Rd
Great Neck, NY 11021
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All cc, cash
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When flood damage or water backup occurs, time is of the essence. What starts as a small flooded area
can quickly escalate into a biggerproblem that exposes a larger area of the home or business to damage.
It is important to act quickly if you want to fully restore the area without breaking the bank.We offer 24hour emergency water damage repair and water damage restoration services. Our team of expert
technicians respond quickly and work nonstop to ensure that the damaged area is restored
professionally and completely. We inspect the area of damage and surrounding areas to make sure
there are no hidden dangers in your home or business. We understand that something as small as a tiny
stain from a water leak could lead to mold or other damage to the structure. Therefore, we assess the
damage and work to identify and repair these areas quickly to give your family peace of mind. Water
damage can appear without warning and it’s never convenient to deal with the repair and clean-up.
Businesses and residents of Long Island often face inconvenient flooding, fire, or damage from smoke or
mold. It is essential to act quickly to alleviate these issues as soon as they are noticed.Residents and
businesses in and around Long Island have placed their trust in Flooded for more than 25 years. They
rely on us to repair and restore their spaces from damages related to flooding, fire, and mold. We
restore spaces from damages of all sizes. We work expeditiously, are available 24 hours each day, and
maintain competitive pricing to help our customers preserve costs.