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EXPERT RUG & CARPET CLEANING SERVICES. Stains and dirt can detract from the
beautiful and value of your rug. Don’t let your family heirloom or investment take on foul
odors and stains. Call now to have your rug cleaned by our pros.
Your rug is important to you and because of that, it is important to us. Unfortunately,
while your rug may look beautiful now, it can become stained, dirty, and smelly over
time. When this happens, it is important that you contact ABC Carpet Cleaning DC to
have the rug cleaned. Our experts work hard to clean your rug and return it to its original
condition. We have been named number one in the area because we work closely with
you to ensure your carpets and rugs are completely clean, spotless, and odorless.
When you hire our team to clean your rugs, you can expect the rugs to go through an
extensive handwashing process that utilizes special solutions and products to remove all
dirt, odors, and stains. Having your rug cleaned both regularly and professionally can
help to ensure the colors remain vibrant and bright and the fibers stay clean. Our rug
cleaning services target bacteria and dirt that cause stains and odors to eliminate them!
Book rug cleaning services now.
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