Easy Ways to Make Your Dental Team Smile

Easy Ways to Make Your Dental Team Smile
There is a direct link between job satisfaction rates and
whether or not employees feel they are recognized or
rewarded for their performance. When employees feel their
hard work goes unnoticed, they can become disgruntled,
frustrated and dissatisfied.
Say A Simple Thanks!
A clear and genuine word
of gratitude to praise a
specific act can be one of
the easiest ways to make
an employee feel their
hard work is well worth the
Praise Special Accomplishments During
Team Meetings
recognized within the
larger community. And it's
a great opportunity for
individual team members.
Reward Good Work with Comp Time
Everyone appreciates some
extra time away from the
office, so when possible,
reward team members with
any afternoon off.
Give them A Break!
Similar to granting some extra
comp time, it's easy to award a
Gift Certificate worth an extra
30 minutes at lunchtime to
deserving employees. Then let
them choose, in advance, which
day they'd like to redeem it.
Stock a Treasure Chest
Many dental practices have
treasure chests for young children,
allowing them to pick a toy after
each visit. Instead, stock a
treasure chest with fun adultoriented gifts and let your top
performers close their eyes and
pick a reward! It'll bring out the joy
in everyone.
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