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Over the last decade, digitalmarketing for Ecommerce has evolved from a simple,
single-celled organism to abeautiful, thriving, intelligent being. Once upon a time,
you could choose abasic keyword like “sneakers,” add it to the right places on your
website, theneffortlessly appear in Google’s top results. Online sales generation was
basic.Now, brands need a creative edge to stay ahead of their competition and
maketheir Ecommerce digital marketing campaigns stand out.
Sometimes we need to see the tacticsother brands implement to get the creative
juices flowing. These are some ofthe most successful campaigns in digital marketing
along with recommended toolsthat might help you replicate their success.
If you plan on implementing anyecommerce digital marketing campaigns like the
Virtual Vintner this year, youcan outsource some of the work and/ or you can
leverage online tools to makeimplementation easier.
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