Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Surgery
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Dr.Terushkin’s expertise in laparoscopic techniques and our team’s dedication to
support before, during, and after surgeries has resulted in our patients losing an
average of 40–50% of their excess weight after completing Lap Band surgery at our
Lap band surgery is another well-known surgical weight loss option which our team has
extensive experience with. With this procedure, a small silicone ring is placed around
the upper part of the stomach, which results in partial restriction to the passage of
food. This serves a few purposes: the patient feels full faster, and will typically consume
smaller portions at each meal, which in turn reduces caloric intake.
Lap Band Surgery. There are specific differences for each procedure, and we find that
our patients achieve the best results when they’ve had a chance to consider all
available weight loss surgery options. For this reason, we recommend that you schedule
an in-person consultation in our medical office. We’ll take the time to walk you through
all the various options available (and the requirements particular to each), which will
allow you to make an informed decision.
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