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Bad Credit Auto Loan & Car Finance
Addrss: 610 Hegeman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Phone: (347) 470-7987
About Us
If you want to obtain a bad credit car loan in NY, you are in the right place. If you have tried to
qualify for a traditional car loan, but have been denied due to poor, bad, or no credit, let the
team at Hi5Cars help you. We understand that it can be nearly impossible to find an auto loan
when you do not have the best credit. In fact, some customers have decent credit and are
turned down by banks and lending institutions. The world out there can be taught, but when
you have our team on your side, you can face the challenges with your head held high.
We genuinely believe that customers who have bad credit, no credit, or those who are credit
challenges should be able to finance a car. You deserve to be able to sit behind the wheel of a
Lexus, BMW, or Ford!
We know that purchasing a used car for sale in Brooklyn can be scary and we want to take that
scary factor out of the process for you. That is why our team inspects and Hi5 certifies all of our
cars. Cheap cars in Brooklyn do exist and you can find yourself in one today with the help of our
team. We work hard to keep our prices as low as we possibly can, so that you can afford them
with ease.
With the help of our financial experts, you will soon be in your dream car and your way home.
We have a variety of financing options that can help you finance a vehicle, no matter what your
circumstances are.
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Additional Details
Hours: Mon- Sun 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Payment Methods: Cash, all cc, checks.
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