Activities which can make you to enjoy your Inle trip

Activities which can make you to enjoy your Inle trip
Going out for a holiday can be one of the best things which can enable you to relieve from the daily work stress
and also expose you to new environments. Myanmar is one place where you can go for a holiday at any time
that you wish. If you’re in Myanmar and you wish to travel to the Inle region, then you must get your
accommodation at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut. There’re so many things which you can do as Inle area such as:
Inle Lake is home of Inle Lake sanctuary and a place for ecotourism. This sanctuary was established in the year
1985 and covers an area of 642.32 square miles. It’s located between the PehKon, Punlaung and NyaungShwe
townships. It was established so as to conserve and protect freshwater fish, wetland birds, and natural
Another objective of this sanctuary was to conserve the scenic beauty of mountain areas and geological
characteristics. Once you visit this you can learn about the traditional floating agriculture which is practiced by
the Inthar people.
This’s another fun which you can do around Inle Lake. Some of the best destinations which you can go for
hiking are nearby the Ta-Eh Gu Cave and KounSounTaungbo Monastery. In case you like hiking then you can
enjoy long hikes to the South Or North of NyaungShwe Pass. Some of the hikes are also organized and
controlled by the staff of the Hotel near Bamboo Hut. Therefore, once you’re at the Hotel near Bamboo you
should never get worried as you can get any assistance that you need from the staff.