Silk Rug Repair & Restoration NYC

Silk Rug Repair & Restoration NYC
address: 1345 6th Ave, New York, NY 10105
Phone: 646-491-6553
About US
Silk rug Care. Silk rugs come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Their varied weaves add a touch
of drama to a room. We offer you highly-skilled rug cleaning, repair and restoration services in NY –
including the best care possible for beautiful Silk rugs. We provide prompt, reliable and affordable
cleaning services to thousands of our neighbors and friends.
Our knowledge and experience is unique. Our rug specialists have the ability to safely clean, repair and
restore all kinds of rugs – Silk, Persian, Oriental, Chinese, Native American, hand-and-machine-made –
We do them all and many more. We’re experts in natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool. We also
know provide the finest care possible to synthetic materials such as polyester.
Harsh cleaning methods can damage your precious rug further, so it is crucial to choose a rug cleaning
company that specializes in restoring silk rugs, and understands the necessary treatments needed to
restore your rug, whilst treating it with care.
Safavieh Rug Restoration have restored and repaired many silk rugs in the New York, and we
understand that each rug is unique and must be restored in a unique way. With Safavieh Rug
Restoration you can be sure that your silk rug is in good hands.
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Hours: 24 hours
Payment: cash, check, all cc
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