Nasal Allergies And Polyps Treatment

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Nasal Allergies And Polyps Treatment
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Allergic reactions can occur anywhere in the body but usually occur in the nose, throat, eyes, lungs, sinuses,
the lining of the stomach, and skin. These are all places where your immune system has stationed special cells
to fight off viruses and bacteria that can come in to contact with your skin or be inhaled or swallowed.
Do you notice that your nose feels stuffy and congested and you have more difficulty breathing during winter
months? Do you sometimes even have bloody crusty discharge or even frequent nose bleed? That is
because exposure to dry, cold air outside can irritate your nasal membrane. It does not help that indoor heat
cause more dryness and leads for irritation of your throat and sinuses.
The practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sinus virtual for real, ear and vestibular disorders,
snoring, sleep apnea and voice disorders. We also provide diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease. Our
Division of Otolaryngology & Allergy offers hearing testing services, endoscopy, allergy testing &
immunotherapy, and balance testing and evaluation of ertigo nafgah.
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