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Best Dermatologist NYC & Cosmetics- Susan Bard, M.D.
983 Park Avenue, Ste 1D3
New York, NY 10028
Mon - Fri 8 a,m - 7 p.m
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Unlike many other MDs, dermatologists work two sides of the medical fence — health issues that always
take precedence and the appearance issues that bother so many people. Since many skin, hair and nail
conditions affect the way you look, it’s vital that your New York-based dermatology expert is skilled at
Spider veins are called that because they often look like a red or blue spider web creeping across your
skin. They’re similar to varicose veins, but differ mainly in size. Spider veins tend to occur closer to the
surface of your skin as well, whereas varicose veins are deeper and look like twisted cords or bulging
ropes that swell when engorged.
Cellulite is the unsightly dimpled or lumpy texture on your skin. You may commonly see it first around the
front and back of your thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is often referenced as having a cottage cheese or
orange peel texture, which is never how you want to think of your skin.
Botox is an injectable product derived from the botulinum toxin. While it stems from the same microbe
that can give you botulism, it’s completely safe in its modified form when administered by a medical
professional, such as your New York dermatologist. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) since 2002, Botox has helped thousands of men and women look better and feel better about
themselves since then.
When you were young, you most likely made some choices that you’ve come to regret as an adult.
Perhaps you skipped your last year of college in favor of a big job and now find yourself returning to
school. Maybe you’re among the many baby boomers who spent considerable time on mood-altering
substances or as a teen decided that driving fast was more fun than keeping your license.
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