Local Movers Staten island

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Local Movers Staten island
148 Otis Ave
Staten Island, NY 10306
Moving Service, Moving and Storage, Furniture Moving, Storage Services, Packing Services,
International Moving, Local and Long-Distance Moving.
Monday-Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Sunday: 9:30pm – 4pm
Cash, all cc
Mega Move is a great way to start your new life with. Moving from one home to another, an old place to
a new one is always exciting, but at the same time stressful. You want to take things you love and care
with you and be sure the company you hire will handle it with care. Our team is a team of experienced,
knowledgeable, honest and reliable professionals who know not only how to handle your loved
belongings, but how to transport it safely to your new place. With experience over 10 years in a moving
business we offer our help when you need it the most.
We work closely with our clients to customize the services we provide based on their specific needs and
circumstances. We’re proud to be a leading Moving Company in the NEW YORK CITY area, and willing to
go the extra mile whenever and wherever we’re needed. Our goal is to make Your move effortless for
You, stress-free and affordable. For residential or commercial, local destinations or across the country
moves we are here for You. Contact us today to get in touch with our team of experienced professionals.
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