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Bronx Car Lease
3433 Boston Rd #214
Bronx, NY 10469
Mon - Thu, Sat 9am - 9pm; Fri 9am - 7pm; Sun 10am - 7pm
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Leasing rather than buying is just the smart thing to do when it comes to being mobile. When
you lease, you’re never stuck with an old car, are always able to end your lease and get a
different vehicle. That ability is an especially important consideration when you think about all
the curve balls life can throw at you. People marry, they have kids, they divorce, they take up
new hobbies that might require hauling equipment, whatever. And when life changes,
automotive needs can change, too. Then there’s knowing you can always be driving a vehicle
with the newest technological gadgets that make driving more fun, and, most importantly, you
can always have the most recent safety features that help keep you and yours safe.
But after you decide to lease comes the question, “Where should I lease from?” That’s where
we come in. Bronx Car Lease is the right choice in terms of inventory choice, pricing, financing,
and great customer service.If you have any questions for us, just call us up at 347-901-1728
and let’s talk! We’d love to meet you and to save you lots of money getting you mobile, all while
offering you an amazing inventory to choose from, getting you a financing deal you’ll be thrilled
with, and wrapping it all up with customer service that’ll make you smile.
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