Bootcamp Classes Brooklyn

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Bootcamp Classes Brooklyn
2615 East 16th Street, suite 1G
Brooklyn, NY 11235
9 a. m to 9 p. m
All cc, cash
Fittletica allows the trainer to carry out group trainings with multiple users at the same time, completely
wireless, doing any type of activity anywhere. We can do this indoor and outdoor. Once the weather
permits i will take you guys out to open air and it will feel amazing...
In everyday life, our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscular
actions. With the Electro-fitness is added these stimuli to reach the deeper muscular layers that are
difficult to activate by means of traditional training, thus achieving superior final results and at a level
unattainable with conventional methods, in a short time and with little effort.
The training is done through a vest that has 24 electrodes, which are connected in the arms, chest,
abdominals, lats, trapezius, lumbar, buttocks, and legs, working up to 350 muscles simultaneously and
intensely. It works actively and passively at the same time, but with very small loads to take care of the
joints, while the muscles receive stimulation through the electrodes. The personal trainer can control
each muscular group of each person and select for each one a program according to their objectives. You
also have the possibility to configure customized programs for each one.
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