Lose Fat Fast Program-2615 East 16th Street, suite 1F Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Lose Fat Fast Program
2615 East 16th Street, suite 1F
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(347) 8979272
9 a. m to 9 p. m
All cc, cash
The ultimate method for your well-being The system of electro-stimulation is based on the simulation of
electrical stimuli emitted by the brain so that our muscles contract.
EMS produces the same effect, but electrical stimulation is generated directly on the muscle by means of
an electronic device and electrodes.i-motion EMS is the only wireless device that enables training of an
unlimited group of people anywhere. Like no other, it allows individual, group and multi-group training.
After a month of regular EMS training, you’ll be able to become slimmer and lose over 5 kg of weight,
which will allow you to abandon your current size and start wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller.
Excess weight will leave you without any changes to your skin such as sagging or lack of muscle tone.
One training session allows burning around 500 calories, and 2,000 calories will be burned after the
workout. 10 training sessions will make your waist 6.5 cm thinner, while your hips will lose about 1.5 cm;
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