Weight Loss Work Out Plan Brooklyn

Weight Loss Work Out Plan Brooklyn
2615 Еаst 16th Street, suite 1M
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Sport Club, Fitness class, Personal trainer, Women's Personal Trainer, Physical fitness Program
9 a. m to 9 p. m
All cc, cash
The electro-fitness scheme is a combination of the benefits of conventional training along with muscle
electro-stimulation (EMS), which allows conducting a high intensity training session in just 20 minutes. It
stimulates more than 300 body muscles, achieving immediate and lasting results from the first session,
saving time and energy.
After a month of regular EMS training, you’ll be able to become slimmer and lose over 5 kg of weight,
which will allow you to abandon your current size and start wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller.
Excess weight will leave you without any changes to your skin such as sagging or lack of muscle tone.
One training session allows burning around 500 calories, and 2,000 calories will be burned after the
workout. 10 training sessions will make your waist 6.5 cm thinner, while your hips will lose about 1.5 cm;
EMS activates over 500 muscles, which allows working on ligaments that are not accessible during a
regular fitness session. Deep stimulation of muscles makes them more perceptible, clearly defined and,
as a result, rippling. An investigation conducted in the universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg
demonstrated that 89% of the participants who got engaged in EMS training admitted that their body
became stronger and a lot more toned after 10-13 training sessions;
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