Non invasive varicose treatment methods

Non invasive varicose treatment
Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are twisted and may be painful at times. They are most
common in the legs. They can cause discomfort but are not life threatening. There have been
recent technologies to help reduce the veins with noninvasive Treatment for Varicose Veins.
The non-invasive varicose vein treatment Centers will not require cutting the skin. If you want
to treat the varicose but you do not want to go for procedures that involves cutting through the
skin, there are some options at your disposal.
Sclerotherapy works by destroying the varicose veins by injecting a solution. It scars the vein
making it to collapse. Thus the blood will be forced to route to the healthier veins and body will
eventually destroy the veins and they will disappear with time. The varicose vein Removal
Near Me uses the procedure to treat smaller varicose veins.
Radio frequency Ablation
Radio frequency ablation is another non invasive treatment for Varicose Veins Houston. In
this treatment method radio frequency energy is transmitted through a vein wall. The doctor will
first numb the vein and use ultrasound to have a clear view of the leg. The doctor then passes an
air catheter to apply the radio frequency energy. The catheter runs from the knee to the groin.
The vein wall heats up, thickens and is reabsorbed by the body. You will be able to see full
results in weeks or months.
Endovenous Laser Ablation
Endovenous laser ablation uses laser energy. A laser fiber is inserted into a catheter and the laser
energy makes the vein to close. The vein shrinks and is absorbed by the body. The procedure is
similar to radio frequency ablation but uses laser. It is used in treating larger veins.
There are also likely other non invasive procedures that you can do on your own. They include
exercise, losing weight, and wearing compression stockings. Your doctor will recommend the
non invasive procedures if the self care measures have not been successful, you experience pain,
there are frequent blood clots formation, and when ulcers forms.
What Can You Expect During the treatment
The non invasive procedure I'd performed in the doctor office. They are done under local
Before the Procedure
There are certain that you need to tell your doctor before going through the procedure. If you are
pregnant or have any allergies, you gave to let your doctor know. In case you are on medications,
you should let your doctor at the varicose Vein Treatment Near Me now.
During the Procedure
You will be awake when the procedure is done. The leg will be cleaned and numbed before the
non invasive procedure. There is a slight pressure that you will feel as the catheter is
case the endovenous laser ablation is done, you have to wear protective glasses.
After the Procedure
The doctor has the varicose Vein Removal Houston will wrap your legs on bandages to control
bleeding and swelling. You need to a range for a friend or family member who will drive you
home. The doctor may advise you to avoid any strenuous exercises.