Enjoy the Best of CBD and Kratom together in Krave Botanicals’ CBD Infused Kratom.docx

Enjoy the Best of CBD and Kratom together in Krave Botanicals’ CBD Infused Kratom
So long we were enjoying different kratom strains, then came the beautiful blends of one or more strains. The
manufacturers are always in the quest to offer the avid kratom community with something special that would
satiate their differing tastes and requirements. Today, we are going to talk about such an amazing kratom product
that gives us an interesting combination of Kratom and Cannabidiol or CBD. But before that a tiny recap of what
kratom and CBD is. So, let’s get started then.
CBD or Cannabidiol: Things that You Need to Know
It comes from the resinous flowers of cannabis plants like cannabis and hemp plants. These plants contain
hundreds of chemical compounds like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN),
Cannabitriol (CBT), Cannabidiol and others. The compound Cannabidiol is most popular by its abbreviation; CBD
which comprises almost 40% of the total extraction from the plant. It was first discovered in the year 1940.
Botanists, doctors and other researchers have extensively pondered this compound and found it to be very
Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom: Things that You Need to Know
Kratom is scientifically recognized as Mitragyna Speciosa plants which grow abundantly in the tropical forests of
South East Asian and African countries. These trees grow very tall and are evergreen in nature. Kratom belongs to
the Rubiacea coffee family plants which are highly stimulating.
CBD Infused Kratom Powder and Capsules by Krave Botanicals
Krave botanicals have combined CBD and Kratom together to make its latest product which they named CBD
Infused Kratom. It is available both in powder and capsules forms and is prepared by mixing the CBD extracts
into the kratom powder in a definite ratio. They claim to have the best, 100% organic and pure kratom powder for
their products.
How They Prepare Krave CBD Infused Kratom Products?
Firstly, they got a professional team of experts who picks the best kratom leaves according to their strains which
are then checked for any stems or bad leaves. Then they are sent to the manufacturing unit for cleaning and
further processing. They are washed with warm water to keep it organic. Then they are spread on big trays and
dehydrated. In the next step, the leaves are powdered into a fine dust which sieved to ensure that there are no
chunks of leaves. Then they mix in the potent CBD extract in a ratio and fuse them well.
Finally, the powder is either packed in packs of 60 grams or encapsulated shells to prepare CBD Infused ​Kratom
Order Krave CBD Infused ​Kratom Powder​ and Capsules Today!
Either you can order a pack of 75 capsules of CBD Infused Kratom Capsules for $39.99. Each Capsule contains 500
mg of the CBD kratom powder. If you are someone who prefers powder, then you can avail a pack of 60 grams of it
for $39.99.
Order Krave CBD Infused Kratom TODAY!
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