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Aluminim Siding NJ
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Chances are good that you’ve owned or rented a home with aluminum siding, even if you didn’t know it.
A classic choice due to its low costs, long life, and fire-resistant properties, aluminum is a great option
for your NJ home. Its durability is legendary—in fact, many homes in New Jersey still have their original
aluminum siding from the 1940 and 50s. Whether you want a brand-new exterior installed or simply
want to refresh your current siding, we can help. Contact our team of experts today and get the process
Aluminum siding is a solid option for your home as it is entirely rot-proof, waterproof, and resistant to
extreme temperatures. If your home has its original aluminum siding, chances are good that we can
restore it back to pristine condition, keeping the original materials in place while applying a new coating
that will make it shine. It’s a low-cost option that will ensure your home looks great.
Refinishing aluminum siding is a simple process when you have the right equipment—but it can be
something of a headache to the average homeowner. In order to completely clean it, we’ll first use a
high-pressure washer with detergent soap. This will allow us to dislodge any debris or dirt, which in turn
means we can inspect for rust or corrosion on the metal itself. After any issues are remedied, we’ll
remove the paint and primer and apply an entirely new primer coat. Once dry, we can then apply
whichever color you’d like for your home, using a special kind of paint that employs a bonding
compound just for aluminum siding surfaces.
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