How to get the Adobe CS6 serial Number in Registry-converted

How to get the Adobe CS6 Serial
Number in Registry
Get Adobe CS6 Serial Number in Registry
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Usually, people forget to save their serial numbers once
they install and activate their Adobe product on the
computer or laptop. And when needed again, they don’t
know how to get the serial number back. Generally,
every product key or serial number for Windows and all
Kinds of software excluding the trial version and pirated
software installed in the Windows Registry on your
device. In order to get the serial number of Adobe CS6
to go to the serial number in the registry manually or
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To find the Adobe CS6 serial number in the
registry you have two ways the first is
through manual and second is using a key
finder tool. Do follow the steps and find the
key using both the methods.
Process 1: By manually finding the serial number:
On your device go to the start menu and in the search box enter
“regedit” and select the .exe program file. If prompter for registry
editor tap on regedit.exe and confirm the user account control
dialog box.
HKEY_LOCAK_MACHINE\SOFTWARE|Adobe\Photoshop\60.0. There
you’ll find your product serial number in the right pane. Write
down the serial number is encrypted and install Adobe software
until you decrypt the serial number. You have to wait patiently in
the decryption process.
Process 2: Use Key Finder to find the serial
▪First, you have to download the iSumsoft product key
finder program on your device.
▪Then launch this program and hit the start recovery
▪After this, it will scan your device, find and display all
product serial numbers for all software including Adobe
▪Select and click over Save to file button to save the
serial number into a Notepad.
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