Tooth pain causes, symptoms, and home remedies

Tooth pain causes, symptoms, and
home remedies
You get tooth pain when you have problems with your jaws or teeth. The pain can range from
mild to excruciating. Improving your oral health care is just one of the ways that you can care
for tooth pain. Complicated cases may require you to undergo surgery from blue cross blue
shield ppo providers.
There are several causes of the tooth pain. One is due to tooth damage. Having a damaged tooth
will lead to a lot of pain. A chipped tooth or damaged filing can lead to the pain. Tooth decay is
yet another cause for the pain. When cavities penetrate your tooth enamel and the dentine it can
cause you a lot of pain. Abscess can cause severe tooth pain. Gum disease also causes tooth pain.
Gum disease results into swollen gums which may cause you tooth pain. Gingivitis is another
cause for the tooth pain.
Tooth pain may also arise due to non dental causes. A sinus pain infection is likely to cause you
tooth pain. The pressure of the fluid filled sinuses will create pain at the corners of your mouth.
If you regularly suffer from sinuses, you may notice that you have tooth pain in the area near the
sinus cavities. The pressure from a cluster headache can lead to pain. Other causes of tooth pain
include heart attack, diabetes, viral infections, nerve diseases, vitamin deficiency and drug abuse.
You can prevent many kinds of dental pain by having good oral hygiene. Knowing the symptoms
of the tooth pain will help you talk to your doctor about the treatment options. You can also
discuss with your aetna dental ppo providers on the strategies of preventing the dental pain.
The signs and symptoms of tooth pain include sharp, throbbing sensations in the teeth. The
sensations can be transient or chronic. There are some tooth pain you feel only when chewing
food. Other symptoms are swollen gums, drainage from an infection in teeth and even headaches.
How to Get Rid of Tooth Pain
If you have a bad dental pain, you may consider going to the aetna dental ppo dentist. If the
pain lasts for two or more days, you need to see the cigna dental ppo providers. It is also
advisable that you go to the dentist if you have fever, ear pain or pain whenever you open or
close your mouth. The dentist will diagnose the problem and find the cause of the pain. During
the diagnosis, you may go through x rays or dental examination.
The dentist may treat a broken tooth using a crown or a filling. If you are suffering from gum
disease, the dentist may use the scaling and planing technique. In this technique, the dentist will
numb your gums and use a special tool to remove plaque buildup along your gum line. In case
you are suffering from severe gum disease, you will have to undergo a root canal procedure to
remove the decayed tissue on your tooth.
Home remedies
Follow the dentists recommendations on oral Care products to use and maintain a regular oral
hygiene. You should also visit your aetna ppo provider every six months.