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Did you know that nearly 15,000 home fires occur every year simply from clogged or congested clothes dryer
vents? It’s true! While changing your HVAC filters every month is always a good practice, it is not enough to
protect your ductwork from the buildup of other types of dirt, lint, and debris.
From outside critters tracking leaves and twigs into your ductwork to potential oil or water leakage from normal
daily wear and tear, the professional team of HVAC Technicians from WellDuct in New Jersey will thoroughly and
completely inspect your HVAC systems from top to bottom, ridding your ductwork of unwanted laundry lint and
other flammable materials that those traditional HVAC filtering systems very often miss.
The standard lint traps found in our residential clothes dryers do not always catch 100% of the lint, dirt and debris
that accumulates as our clothes tumble around in the dryer. A significant portion of this hazardous material flows
right past the lint trap and directly into our HVAC ventilation systems. Many homeowners assume that the lint and
debris will automatically be blown outside into the open air at this stage, but this is not always the case.
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