Emergency Dentist Rego Park

Emergency Dentist Rego Park
6260 99th St, suite 1133A
Rego Park, NY 11374
24 Hours
Cash, all cc.
Waiting too long to address your pain may complicate your dental emergency. And it’s unnecessary
when you can get 24-hour emergency dental care.
So visit your dentist or seek emergency dental care if you’re dealing with symptoms such as:
A lodged piece of food. Food — like nut shells or popcorn — can become lodged in your gums or
between your teeth where you can’t get at it even with dental floss. It can cause pain and inflammation.
Abscessed tooth. You may not even realize you have an abscessed tooth until the pain becomes
intolerable. You can’t mistake an abscess for anything else because of the incredible pain you feel even
from breathing, talking, drinking and eating.
Exposed nerves. Like the pain from an abscessed tooth, the pain of an exposed nerve is extreme. And if
your pain stops suddenly, it’s not a good sign because it means the nerve is so damaged that you can’t
feel the pain anymore.
Swelling in your mouth or jaw. You may notice swelling for several reasons, ranging from inflamed
lymph nodes to cancer. Visit your dentist immediately if your mouth, gums or jaw start to swell.
Bleeding gums. Occasionally, you may notice some minor bleeding when flossing. It’s usually caused by
early gum disease or the build-up of plaque. That’s not serious, as long as you mention it to your dentist
at your next scheduled appointment. But if the bleeding doesn’t stop and you also have pain or swelling,
see your Queens-area dentist immediately.
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