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WellDuct Professional Air Duct Cleaning
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WellDuct Professional Air Duct Cleaning has been working hard to provide the best customer service to the
residents of New Jersey regarding all types of residential and commercial HVAC system cleaning. Heating,
ventilation and air conditioning restoration is our specialty, and we always offer timely assistance in a friendly and
courteous manner. Our Goal is to educate our customers. Friendly service and professional technicians lead our
company to high level customer satisfaction.
The biggest part of any system is the main line (supply and return) main lines contain most of dust and debris. That
is the most important part to clean, however some “blow and go” air duct cleaning companies simply do not have
proper equipment to perform it right.
WellDuct technicians use only HEPA certified negative air machines for indoor use and gasoline powered truck
mounted machines for outdoor use. In average they perform over 4000 cubic feet per minute suction which in
combination of use compressed air operated brushes allows us to provide the best possible result. Standard way of
cleaning air ducts is not our standard way.
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