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This is because in addition to the purchase of equipment and materials, the company will have to invest in the
professional training of in-house staff. If additional workers are hired, the cost will climb further up. Given that the
care for air vents and shafts is not a daily or even weekly task for the majority of businesses, it is simply not
economical to go for the in-house option.
Whenever your dry vent system isn’t able to properly exhaust, it will over heat. This can threaten your safety,
health and home. It is possible to clean the dryer vent system on your own. However, if you would like to have
some expert advise or don’t know how to do it, you can contact a professional dryer vent cleaning company like
ours to inspect and clean your system to ensure that it is safe. The professional can also answer any questions you
might have.
As far as the frequency of cleaning is concerned, it depends a lot on the usage of the fireplace. The National Fire
Protection Association recommends annual inspection for soundness check, deposits build up and cleaning and
repairs, if needed. You should also keep in mind that squirrels, birds and other similar critters can also make a
chimney unsafe to use. It means that your chimney is at risk even if you have not been using it regularly.
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