Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester

Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester
Address: 116 Radio Circle Dr, Suite 229 Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Phone: 914-825-9234
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Your rug is a timeless and elegant piece that you want to have in your home. There are many different
types of rugs that exist on the market and many of them are handmade and not factory made. Because
of this, great detail and work goes into them and you cannot just clean them or repair them any way you
want. Improper handling and care of a rug can cause it to be destroyed.
The experts at Oriental Rug Cleaner Westchester have your best interests in mind and we can properly
care for your rug and provide you with the cleaning, restorations, and repairs you need.
We clean your Oriental rugs and restore their appearance without the use of harsh, destructive cleaning
agents. Troublesome stains are removed by pre-treating and spotting. Pet odors and stains are safely
removed, fabric protection to prevent future staining is also available. Your rug investment is protected
by a trained and certified cleaning technician.
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Hours: 24 hours
Payment Accepted: cash, check, all cc
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