PD Emergency Dentist Near Me

PD Emergency Dentist Near Me
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There is a direct correlation between inflammation of the gums and devastating, life threatening
diseases. Gum tissue surrounding the teeth becomes compromised due to inflammation which then
becomes a gateway of entry for the bacteria that is present within the periodontal pockets surrounding
the teeth.
The U. S. Surgeon General, numerous reports and studies suggest that the bacteria associated with
periodontal disease and chronic gum inflammation can contribute to Alzheimer’s, Heart Attacks and
Strokes. In addition, Diabetes, Kidney Failure and doubling of Heart Attacks can be affected by poor gum
health. Women who are pregnant are more likely to have Pre-Term or Low Birth Weight babies when
dealing with the addition of gum disease.
The use of dental soft tissue lasers give us the ability to attack periodontal inflammation at the
microscopic level. The laser focuses a light of power, targeting bacterial colonies, unreachable with older
technologies and at the same time promotes an environment of healing.
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