Custom Closets Sheepshead Bay

Custom Closets Sheepshead Bay
Address:2799-2701 Emmons Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235
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There may be room for that special someone in your heart. But how about in your closet?
Sharing a space with your partner can be a challenge, but if you follow a few simple steps,
you’ll find there’s more to love for both of you.Take an honest look at each of your
wardrobes and how much space you need to accommodate them. Consider how much space
each of you needs for shoes, folded clothes, and hanging garments such as shirts, slacks, suits
and dresses. This is an ideal time to pare things down. Keep what you love and donate the
rest.Once you’ve decided how much space each of you needs, split the closet into two
sections. A central tower of drawers or a hutch creates an attractive focal point and provides a
dividing line that clearly marks off space for each of you.Plan space in the middle of your
closet for the clothes you wear most often, using double hanging rods to accommodate all of
your everyday clothes without crowding. Add pull-out belt or tie racks or a valet rod to hold
clothes while you plan your outfits.
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Hours: Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm
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