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Flooding due to nature and other causes of water damage are the beginnings of mold growth in your
home. It is important that as soon as these events take place, you should contact us to assess the
damage. If your home has been flooded, if your bathtub has overflowed, or if your roof has had a leak, it
is likely that you will end up needing mold remediation if it was not dried out properly. Call us today for
expert advice and solutions to resolve all your mold issues before the mold growth expands.
If your home has Mold and Mildew inside it anywhere, the first ones that are going to show symptoms of
exposure will be your children, the elderly, and your pets. These groups are particularly susceptible to the
health complications associated with mold exposure to Water Damage. This can include breathing
problems, rashes, headaches, sneezing, hoarseness, or even just a constant runny or blocked nose.
These could be signs of more serious problems, so why wait on getting the service that your home needs
to determine if you have a mold problem.
You could Need Mold Remediation And Not Even Realize It. Even if you cannot see the mold growing in
your house, that does not mean it is not there. It often exists in attics and basements and inside walls
where you cannot readily see it without some inspection. Mold in these places is especially common and
so is mold growth within central heat and air units, which can spread the infection to other areas of your
house without you knowing about it.
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