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Has your basement ended up wet and flooded because of a hurricane? Otherwise you have encountered
persistent wet basement because your home is located in a low-lying region. No matter what causes your wet
basement, we is here to help you! We are assisting home owners all around Florida for few years. In case you are
having trouble and inconvenience because of a flooded downstairs, make contact with us right now for a cost free
consultation and estimate. We are very pleased to assist you!
Waterproofing a basement is done by completing a multi-step procedure, and the actions we take rely on the main
cause of the water in your downstairs level. For instance, if your home has been struck by the recent hurricane,
then you have plenty of water to take off. However, if your foundation has cracks that leads to seepage through
the walls and floor of your basement, you may not have too much water downstairs, yet there might be additional
foundational problems to deal with.
Get rid of all moisture out of your lower basement - this is achieved by using our technologically advanced
methods. Basement Foundation Repair - our specialists seal up all cracks in the foundation of wall or floor to
guarantee that downstairs will be totally dry. Mold Mitigation and Removal - this step is only required when there
is ongoing development of mildew and fungus that may contaminate the air around the house. We will check for
this and if needed, pull in our mold removal team.
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