Vitamin C Face Serum

Vitamin C Face Serum
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Brilliant is an anti-aging and moisturizing facial serum composed of 20% Vitamin C, which gives your
skin its elasticity and firmness of the past. A cream with a light and silky texture, to be gently
massaged on the face, which penetrates the skin with a deep moisturizing action, giving it a natural
and pure glow. The in-depth action of the vitamin E and collagen, treats the skin from the damage
caused by free radicals that comes in contact with the skin on a daily basis.
Brilliant Vitamin C 20% is not the usual facial serum, but a powerful ally to revitalize your skin by
deeply hydrating it twice as much as a common serum will do. Vitamin C is just one of the vitamins
and nutrients that make this serum a component that you won’t want to give up when it comes to
taking care of your skin. Deep hydration contrasts dark circles and smoothens wrinkles, restoring the
right elasticity and radiance to your face, effectively erasing the signs of old age you were fighting
The Essence of Your Youthful Beauty in a Serum Brilliant Vitamin C Facial serum is the essential
component of your skin care that you can no longer do without. From a deep hydration thanks to the
properties of hyaluronic acid to the rejuvenating and curative action of vitamin E, Brilliant is the ideal
facial serum for any type of skin in the aging phase. Aren't you tired of wasting money and time on
products and treatments that don't work? Brilliant Vitamin C is really the right product for you.
Hundreds of women have tried it, regaining the young, elastic and luminous skin of the past. Give
your face a touch of youth. Rediscover the intrinsic beauty of your skin.
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