KU Law announces partnership with Emirati university

Thursday, March 12, 2015
The University of Kansas School of Law has partnered with the University of Sharjah
Faculty of Law in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to offer collaborative research and
learning opportunities for students and faculty.
Raj Bhala
The universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will serve as a
framework of cooperation. The schools pledge to cross-market their degree programs,
team-teach courses, jointly sponsor professional conferences and symposia, and invite
partner colleagues to lecture at their institutions. Raj Bhala, associate dean for
international and comparative law at KU, and Bashar H. Malkawi, dean of the University
of Sharjah Faculty of Law, brokered the agreement on behalf of their universities.
“The Middle East is strategically vital to the United States and to lawyers in economic,
business, political, religious, cultural and national security terms,” Bhala said. “The
Middle East is the center point of our national security strategy, and the biggest challenge
we face is stability in the Arab-Muslim world. The core of stability is rule of law. KU
Law can help enhance the rule of law in Arab countries by helping them enhance their
legal education systems.”
Bashar H. Malkawi
“The University of Sharjah has always looked to partner with prominent law schools,”
Malkawi said. “We are pleased to enter into partnership with a leading law school in the
U.S. recognized for its research and development activities with internationally
recognized faculty members. The MOU with KU Law School will help us explore new
initiatives and develop areas of mutual interest to benefit students.”
KU Law students are directly benefitting from the school’s international partnerships,
Bhala said. Students have interned with law firms in India, and alumni have accepted jobs
in the Middle East thanks to connections forged through the school’s joint agreements.
Founded in 2001, the University of Sharjah Faculty of Law offers undergraduate and
graduate programs to more than 1,600 students. Sharjah joins KU Law’s growing list of
international partners committed to furthering cross-border legal education and
understanding. The goal of partnership programs is to create employment opportunities
for alumni, research opportunities for faculty, and academic opportunities for students of
both KU Law and partner institutions.
The University of Kansas School of Law prepares students to be outstanding members of
the legal profession with a commitment to professional achievement and public service.
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