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Leaks are typically caused by faucets that have become loose through daily wear and tear. Often, a simple
tightening of a packing nut or the addition of a new O-ring can stop a leak that is coming from the faucet handle.
Sometimes a sealant fails, requiring a replacement on an inlet or outlet. Our plumbers carry commonly needed
parts such as inlets, outlets, O-rings and other sealants to enable them to easily fix a leak that requires such a
simple adjustment.
Some kitchen faucets do require specialized parts, which may involve some time to replace. If you call Aladdin
Faucet And Toilet Repair INC plumber to fix your kitchen faucet leak, the plumber will establish what parts are
needed and order them for delivery as soon as possible so your family can get back to regular use of the kitchen
The expert plumbers at Aladdin Faucet And Toilet Repair INC offer 24 hour toilet repair in New Jersey for anyone
who is faced with a toilet repair emergency. We are a fully insured, licensed and bonded plumbing company
providing customers with amazing service at an astonishingly affordable price.
We are the experts to call for toilet repair in New Jersey and when you use Aladdin Faucet And Toilet Repair INC,
you will always get dependable service and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Do it yourself plumbing repairs
can actually make some problems worse, so call us first and we will give you prompt, efficient toilet repair in New
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