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How a clogged dryer vent could cause fire.
Little cotton materials in your dryer vent can cause reduced airflow, which in turn causes overheating. This can cause the hightemperature limit safety switch to go on and off, which can cause them to fail. Since lint is combustible, over accumulation of it in
your dryer vent can cause fire outbreak.
Anyone that has a dryer needs to constantly clean its vents. However, if your dryer is located on second-floor laundry rooms or
inside walls, you need to clean its vents more often.
The reason is that these locations need your dryer to be vented longer distances.If you notice the following signs in your dryer, know
that it is no longer functioning properly, hence needs cleaning. There are the main benefits of calling the Green Ductors: Allergies
and asthma disease (if you have it) become more “softly”, Increasing of your respiratory health, Indoor smell is much better, Your
dwelling looks cleaner, The load on ventilation system is easier and its work is longer.
You can’t even imagine what your ventilation system is hiding. Dust is only a part of the entire set of harmful particles that you
breathe in.
Air ducts serve as a haven for insects and mold, because of which the house literally suffocates. Without a regular cleaning of the
ventilation system and chimneys it will most likely afflict most of the tenants, but this can be prevented without any effort. With our
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