How to get rid of double chin with help of Premier Plastic Surgery

How to get rid of double chin with help of
Premier Plastic Surgery?
Are you depress because of extra fats in your body, either on tummy or on chin and
want to get rid from it. Micropuncture, Liposculpture Houston or facelift which
one is better? When facial gymnastics is not enough to erase a double chin that
settles, it is time to resort to surgery or aesthetic medicine.
At the origin of our double chin, age or certain excesses like the sun, tobacco or
alcohol ... that disturbs our lymphatic drainage system, whose main role consists in
eliminating interstitial waste and regenerating lymphatic drainage. To improve
cellular exchanges, stimulate blood circulation, boost the production of elastic
fibers and support, nothing beats a massage or daily pats. But in case of double
chin installed, this gymnastics will not be enough. "The solution then remains the
use of medicine or Premier Plastic Surgery Houston. But which technique to
The greasy micropunction
This method refines the facial extracting fat double chin with a syringe. It is a fast,
suture-free operation, often associated with neck resurfacing, which consists in
making a mesh of resorbable and non-absorbable threads in the skin to push the
face to make new elastic fibers.
It is practiced in aesthetic clinic under enhanced local anesthesia. The surgeon
proceeds to the aspiration of the fatty tissues using a cannula. Three small incisions
are needed: under the chin and behind the ears. The operation lasts half an hour
and does not require hospitalization ... but you will have to wait a fortnight before
showing your mermaid neck. So Liposuction Surgery Houston is one of best
method for the extra fat removal from the skin.
The facelift
If your double chin doubles as a relaxation of the skin, consider a neck lift, which
can improve firmness and rejuvenate the lower face. Although performed under
enhanced local anesthesia, it is an operation that requires twenty-four hours of
hospitalization, ten days of rest. The scars will be in the natural folds of the face.
Radiofrequency and suction lipolysis
A recent technique consists in associating the radio frequencies, which will target
the relaxation of the skin, with suction lipolysis. It is a question of destocking the
fat cells - adipocytes - by a mechanical action, in this case, the aspiration of the
skin. These cells are then eliminated in the bloodstream, promoting lymphatic
drainage. Without anesthesia or pain, this technique is for all skin types and skin
tones. About 6 weeks of treatment, 2 sessions (30 minutes) the first 2 weeks, then a
weekly session for one month, can achieve good results. An "interview" is
advisable to maintain the results. By knowing more about this technique one can
call to their expert doctor. Also Noninvasive Liposuction is one of another way to
remove extra fats.
So you can choose any of above method according to your requirement as all these
methods have theirs on pros and cons. One can also get in touch with doctor to
know more which method is good for them.